Дэвид Сандберг анонсировал вторую часть «Кунг Фьюри»

Кадр из к/ф «Кунг Фьюри»

В 2015 году вышел короткометражный фантастический фильм «Кунг Фьюри», обыгрывающий штампы из боевиков 80-х. Его постановщик Дэвид Сандберг сообщил в инстаграме о начале работы над продолжением!

RAD! Things are about to go down, so wanted to share it here first! Berlin Film Festival is kicking off and during next week, we will officially be announcing Kung Fury II. Together with an awesome team of collaborators, we'll start shooting late summer! We also have some incredibly cool bits of news surrounding casting and other team members coming your way in the weeks to come! Meanwhile here's some awesome KF2 concept art created by legendary Ivan Reiss #ivanreis. Big time credit also to colorist Marcelo Maiolo @mmaiolo This image was also created by way of the amazing Josan Gonzales @deathburger and Alexis Ziritt @aziritt who are also doing incredible work as concept artists on this film. Thanks for for being the best supporters we could ever dream of. Stay rad, stay tuned! Philip Westgren @pwestgren David Katzenberg @davidkatzenberg Seth Grahame-Smith @instagrahamesmith #kungfury Love, Laser Unicorns

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Фото: Laser Unicorns